Samsung Launches Clash of Commuters with CHEP Network and Livewire: An Australian Inspired Fortnite Creative Map for Mobile Gamers and the Chance to Win Prizes IRL

Samsung Electronics Australia, in partnership with CHEP Network and Livewire has launched Clash of Commuters, an innovative gaming marketing campaign that merges the virtual world of gaming with the everyday experiences of Australian commuters on Fortnite Creative. This integrated experience is designed to celebrate the rise of on-the-go gaming and showcase the capabilities of the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

As the gaming landscape continues to evolve, Samsung recognises the growing importance of mobile gaming among Australian consumers. Recent gaming research conducted by Samsung Electronics Australia revealed that 48% of Australian gamers are using smartphones as their primary gaming device, highlighting the significance of mobile gaming in the market. Clash of Commuters challenges gamers to prove their skills in an animated version of the real-world setting where mobile gaming truly comes alive - the daily commute.

From 2 May to 30 May 2024, Clash of Commuters invites players to embark on an adventure in Fortnite Creative. With players playing for over 38 minutes on average, the experience created by Gamefam, sees players protecting a public transport bus as it meanders through a dystopian Australian commuter landscape. Under the watchful eye of bin chickens, players must clear roadblocks, fight off coffee-starved commuters for their chance to win. The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, with its realistic graphics, lifelike visuals, and Samsung’s most powerful chipset to date, has been designed to meet the high performance demands of gamers. These devices will be hidden throughout the map, with players able to unlock special bonuses IRL if they find them.

In the traditional digital gaming space, the campaign will also grab attention through some of Australia’s biggest gamers such as Lachlan PWR, Loserfruit, Bundun, Crayator and Cynical Sakura as well as sporting personas such as Rob Whittaker and Mitch Robinson, all of whom will help showcase the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s gaming power with live-streams and videos of their mobile gaming experience engaging in Clash of Commuters.

For more information and to join the competition, visit or search map code 2328-5920-2390 on Fortnite Creative and unleash your gaming skills on your daily commute.

Editors note: This is an independently created Fortnite experience and is not sponsored, endorsed, or administered by Epic Games, Inc. Fortnite is developed by Epic Games, and offers a wide range of tools to empower anyone to design games and experiences. In Fortnite, anyone can build their own online experience for free and share it with Fortnite's audience around the world.