Maybelline partners with charity Youthline to go ‘Under the Avatar’ on International Day of Happiness

As part of the activation, which was created by Livewire, Maybelline will be pairing female star gamers from Australia and New Zealand with counsellors in-game and on stream live on Twitch and YouTube.

Counsellors from Youthline will be going ‘Under the Avatar’ alongside gamers Nalopia, Aliythia, Berticuss, Develique and Qrissy, with their live streams promoting good gaming, creating safe spaces for gamers to feel confident and supported to take action against abuse, harassment or offensive behaviour.

The campaign follows research from Maybelline and Bastion which found that 76% of women have experienced or observed harassment or offensive behaviour while online gaming and that 71% of male gamers who witness abuse in gaming just ignore it.

In light of this, Maybelline, Youthline and ReachOut Australia have developed the following recommendations for dealing with toxic voice chat in game:

  • Be aware: Pay attention to what’s going on around you and don’t ignore it when you witness something that doesn’t feel right.
  • Voice your support: If you see somebody being abused make sure they know that you’re on their side. You could let them know you’ve reported the abuse and you’re there to chat if they need.
  • Speak Up: If you feel safe and comfortable to do so, calmly speak with a generalised comment like “We don’t accept bullying in this space”, or “Let’s keep the comments positive”. Sometimes this can be enough of a circuit-breaker to get somebody to stop and realise the impact of their actions.
  • Report it: Gaming platforms all have reporting functions and safety features that you can use to help out.

Visit to find out more about the Brave Together partnership with ReachOut in Australia and Youthline in NZ.

The activation is part of a wider campaign from Maybelline New York Australia, which also includes a film by Hero that challenges the toxic behaviour directed towards female-identifying gamers.

Chris Johnston, ANZ Head of Strategy, at Livewire says: “Research has shown that 59% of female gamers leave the game they’re playing to get away from offensive or discriminatory behaviour. By working with star gamers Nalopia, Aliythia, Berticuss, Develique and Qrissy, we want to promote good gaming while also showing that there are real people with real feelings behind the avatars.”