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Our Solutions


Our exclusive partnerships and relationships have enabled Livewire to create a unique global game advertising marketplace with access to over 250 PC, console and mobile games

Gaming Audiences by Livewire

Livewire’s gametech products include 24 gaming audience segments that are 100% cookie free from opt in devices, allowing location, demographic and behavioural data, available for activation across Amobee, Pubmatic, TTD and Xandr.

Real Time Measurement

We have created a Gaming Maturity Index (GMI), an awesome piece of gametech that measures activations and cross device campaigns, showing in-flight sentiment and engagement.
Livewire is a gaming marketing leader, we utilise custom research to create cultural relevant gaming strategies that target the gaming ecosystem, reaching audiences that have cut the cord with traditional marketing platforms.
Livewire is the agnostic marketing expert brands need for gaming, applying expertise across gaming talent, amplification, content, data, partnerships, integrations and more.
We work with brands and their partners to create unique ideas that build both trust and fame across the gaming verticals, then we execute each concept created.