Monday, Mar 15, 2021

Livewire Launches across APAC

Livewire, a new global company focused on Gametech, Entertainment and Marketing has launched across the APAC region.

Global programmatic marketing leader Indy Khabra and gaming expert Brad Manuel have combined their specialisms as the co-founders creating Livewire, which will include an integrated and gaming focused marketing business.

Livewire Launches across APAC

Livewire will benefit from the global relationships and experience of its founders, with the pair previously working with the likes of Microsoft, Disney, American Express, L’Oreal, Universal Pictures, Epic Games, Samsung, Intel, McDonald’s and a range of sporting organisations and bodies.

Khabra noted that globally, gaming offers a variety of brands access to over 2.6 billion consumers. “The majority of which are between 16 and 40 years old and beginning to build long term awareness of, and relationship with, brands and products,” he said.

“What makes these consumers interesting to brands is that they engage with traditional media and marketing (TV, radio and out of home) at a much lower frequency than prior generations, earning the label of ‘cord cutters’ for their behaviour of opting out of traditional marketing and using subscriptions to avoid advertising”.

Manuel acknowledges that gaming is rapidly growing domestically and globally.

“We know many brands are eager to talk to the next generation of consumers through the gaming ecosystem but require the expert advice on how to build truly integrated gaming campaigns that deliver results,” he said. “The global eSports and games streaming industry will be worth $US3.5 billion by 2025; rising from $US2.1 billion in 2021.”

“Livewire sits on the cutting edge of GameTech and marketing to create brand entry, evergreen solutions, and original content that are all based on deep data insights to engage consumers with brands.” says Manuel.

Livewire has two additional unique focuses to position itself in the GameTech, Entertainment and Marketing ecosystem:

1) Focus on In-Game and Around Game Marketing

Livewire will focus on adding value to the experience of gamers, authentically creating campaigns using a deep knowledge of gaming and internet culture to ensure that brands are able to reach consumers during their hobbies and passions, without fundamentally changing the gaming experience.

These abilities will include adding brands and their products into a range of games both globally and domestically through partnerships with publishers and developers, creating best practice benchmarks that deliver results.

2) Programmatic Marketing in Gaming

Livewire with the use of gametech and audience data helps brands connect with consumers while they are leaning in and actively engaged in their passion points.

With an expansive range of programmatic assets that are both in, and around game providing quantifiable data and metrics while advertising across and within a range of gaming platforms.

Over the coming weeks, Livewire will announce a range of exclusive and shared IP that will be available across the global market, while building partnerships with brands and demonstrating the effectiveness of programmatic marketing in gaming.

“There will be further releases in the coming weeks announcing a range of contracts Livewire has already secured with brands, gaming organisations and agencies, highlighting the full and continually growing extent of Livewire’s partnerships,” Brad said.