Wednesday, Sep 29, 2021

In-Game Advertising Requires a Tailored Approach to Scale

It has been widely recognised that game-based marketing is a rapidly growing channel with reportedly over 2.6 billion people playing or viewing across the globe in 2020. Brands have made the leap into gaming advertising over the decades, however with the stay-at-home, socially distanced circumstances of 2020, like many digital channels the gaming opportunity has exponentially matured in a compressed amount of time.  As programmatic becomes more fully integrated into the channel more and more brands are taking advantage of the next advertising gold rush.
In-Game Advertising Requires a Tailored Approach to Scale

Keeping up with shifts in the Attention Economy

Gaming is a fast growing channel but it diverges from the path of traditional and other digital channels. A multi-demographic, multi-platform that natively enables active engagement, gaming marketing requires specialised content and strategy to deliver a highly immersive and personalised experience.

Leisure activities and social time has been redefined with gaming consoles and widespread access to online streaming platforms. Attentions are shifting away from traditional channels and as the trust in the information duopoly erodes, so too will the premium audiences go. Hard to reach cord cutters are severing ties with traditional media and digital natives proactively avoid ads.

Gaming presents an increasingly fruitful opportunity to interact with the next generation of customers when combined with the power of data and programmatic technology. The in-game experience requires a participant’s full attention - eyeballs scanning every part of the screen and analysing the images to continue play. This presents an enormous opportunity to capture attention but it must be met with the right creative for the medium.

People are accustomed to seeing ads, and younger generations even appreciate a well crafted message for new and relevant products or services. Within the context of a game, brand experiences must take advantage of capturing that attention in the moment without being intrusive, all whilst providing information that is relevant to that particular user’s profile.

Context switching and personalisation using programmatic data and technology

Gaming is an emerging category but not a simple channel, thus it’s not as easy as rip-and-replacing traditional media budgets into gaming products. Brands cannot run the same campaign creative resized but not fit for purpose. 

There’s a new brand psychology that must be understood in order to bridge the awareness gap and create lifetime value and loyal customers. Brands must create new, authentic engagements that mimic the way users interact with the real world.

Gaming consumers will not stand for anything less than a highly curated, connected and engaging experience across online, mobile and console platforms. Success in this channel requires a unique and authentic user experience for this new interactive channel.

Using verified, authenticated first and second party data along with programmatic media buying, GameTech experts are emerging as the next gen of programmatic. Evidenced by the wave of large global agencies setting up gaming divisions and the emergence of dedicated GameTech solution providers, with spending expected to surpass $200 billion by 2023*.

By nature, gaming provides a brand safe environment able to adhere to privacy policies and local regulations with logged in, verified users and predetermined game scenarios.

A new opportunity for brands and publishers.

We know gaming is central to the culture of modern society, demonstrated repeatedly through global daily play times and the fact that streamers and content creators are overtaking traditional celebrities and sports stars as icons. From politicians announcing critical policy to individuals campaigning for a cause to influencers promoting a movie premier, the channel has taken on a life of its own beyond the game. Now considered a social activity, many people play in the game from a distance.

Prominent actors are passing on Hollywood for opportunities to have their likeness represented in this alternate reality.

The ability to connect with the right gamer, at the right time with the right content is the next generation of marketing. Sophistication of programmatic technology is helping brands understand how to better connect more effectively with audiences.

Despite the global surge in mobile, online and console gaming, the opportunity remains largely untapped in ANZ due to a shortage of expertise dedicated to understanding and guiding the right principals across gaming marketing. Brands relying on traditional media planning must shift to a contextualised approach to content by channel.

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